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Let the Games Begin!


April 19-22, 2015

Houston Texas



Session 1: Budget Basics – Navigating the “Chutes and Ladders” of Budget Development

Materials: 1

Session 2:  Diving into Data

Session 3:  Discussion Group: Taking a Clue: Solving the Case of Developing a Training Program for Sponsored Programs Administration

Session 4:  International Contracting: How to think globally, researching locally while International Contracting: How to think globally, researching locally while (hopefully) avoiding assured destruction
    Materials: 1 / 2 / 3

Session 5: Building a Research Program

Session 6:  Awarded! Now Let's Write Subawards!

Session 9:  Whistling a Symphony

Session 10:  NIH RPPR: Really! Paper Permanently Removed

Session 11: Without conflict, there is no interest: Balancing FCOI and Technology Commercialization

Materials: 1 / 2

Session 13:  Professionalization of the Sponsored Projects Office

Session 16: Overview of creating a compliant clinical research billing program

Session 17: Understanding Intellectual Property Issues

Session 20:  Demystifying Privacy Issues in Research

Session 23: Subrecipient Risk Assessment and Monitoring in the Age of the Uniform Guidance

Session 25: NIH Update

Session 27:  Super Mario Brothers or Super Departmental research Administrator?  Avoiding pitfalls and accomplishing tasks to win the game.

Session 29: Implementation of Uniform Guidance

Session 31: Chutes and Ladders: Climbing the Ladder and Avoiding the Fall

Session 32:  Cost Sharing: Putting the pieces Together

Session 35:  Data Analytic Legos

Session 38:  NDA Contracts Jeopardy

Session 39:  Who’s on First? Teamwork Tips for the CPRIT Grants Management System

Session 40: Effort Reporting: A Departmental Approach to Meeting Audit Requirements

Session 44:  Don’t get Caught in the Mouse Trap, Time Management Techniques for the Research Administrators

Session 46: Roulette 


Monday Lunch:  Collaborate





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